Managed Services

Services Outsourcing

This service is tailored mainly for cost-conscious medium-sized enterprises that need email servers, financial and other mission-critical applications, to work efficiently and effectively at all times.

Our technology and processes provide dedicated services such as single-point-of-contact call centres, alerts, security, patch management, problem resolution, data backup and recovery for different client devices such as desktops, notebooks, servers, storage systems, networks and applications.

Besides proactively managing and maintaining your organisational IT infrastructure, our on-site experienced engineers can also troubleshoot and resolve any issues as specified in our Service Level Agreement with you.

Credit-Based Services

Credit-based services is tailored mainly for small businesses that requires technology to operate efficiently and effectively, despite not having a budget for a full suite of IT resources.

We provide core IT services such as:

  • Single-point-of-contact call centres.
  • Problem resolution for different client devices (desktops, notebooks, servers, storage systems & networks).
  • On-site vendor independent installation, support, maintenance and management services.
  • Remote troubleshooting for faster response and resolution suitable for clients with few IT users/ limited internal IT support resources.

Resource Provisioning

Many businesses find it more and more challenging to keep overheads low while trying to meet the increasing customers’ demands. Also, during uncertain times, when hire freeze is in place, business and contractual obligations must still be met.

In Telistar’s Resource Provisioning, it allows you to stay competitive in the marketplace while keeping our fixed cost base over either the short or the long-term affordable. Annual budget can be effectively managed through our single monthly invoice payment.

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