Business solutions

Enterprise Networking Solutions

Rapid growth and continuous evolution of data, voice and video technologies will demand an enhanced infrastructure that not only integrates seamlessly but is also customer-centric, scalable, secure and efficient. Keeping this in mind, Telistar aims to provide solutions to our clients that facilitate cost-effective information technology and telecommunications.

Telistar implements inter-networking solutions for connecting Local Area Networks (LANs) and Wide Area Networks (WANs), while ensuring network performance is robust at all times.

Based on your networking needs, our team of experienced engineers will guide you through the following:

  • Requirements Analysis
  • Architecture and Design Services, including System Integration
  • Setup and Configuration – Switches, Security, Servers, Firewalls
  • Data Storage, Backup/ Migration Services
  • Troubleshooting and Support [office/ after office hours]

Application Development

Telistar provides cutting-edge business solutions to transform your visions into realities, notably through custom software. We provide a complete implementation process, from design and development, quality assurance testing and deployment, to further software upgrades and enhancements.

Our core design and development services include, but are not limited to:

  • Desktop application development
  • High-end client-server application development
  • Enterprise application development
  • Building end-to-end enterprise integrated solutions
  • Re-engineering
  • Software systems maintenance and support.

Our team of professional technical consultants can assist you in selecting the optimal custom software solution by completing a detailed analysis of your business issues and functional, technical, operational and financial requirements. This culminates in a comprehensive Statement of Work document that covers everything that is needed for a successful custom software design and development phase.

Business Productivity Solutions

Business Productivity Solutions ensure that organisations have the tools and processes to overcome the daily challenges of executing on strategy and prospering in today’s economic times.

Automated processes increase productivity by allowing faster communication of strategy, increased time spent on strategic priorities and greater project completion rates.

Business Productivity Software describes programs that help maximise efficiency and productivity for individual employees, small businesses, and corporations – be it keeping track of expenses with a spreadsheet application or creating graphs and charts with a graphic design program, or any number of the other vast possibilities.

Telistar offers a variety of such solutions and software, including database systems, file management tools and office productivity and design software.


TSRetail is a no-frills and easy-to-use software that helps retail owners manage, improve and grow their business. Our intuitive and feature-rich user interface allows users to be up and running in the shortest possible time. From a single outlet to a multi-outlet environment, TSRetail is highly scalable and customisable both in architecture and functionality.

TSRetail enables retail owners to improve their security, track employees, clients, appointments, services, products and packages, better manage sales processes, have better control over inventory and stock and monitor and improve their business with comprehensive reporting. Other features such as payroll, online appointment booking, e-Commerce capabilities and many more may be added as your business grows.